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How To Lay/Install Carpet Padding Underlay On Wood And Concrete Floors

Before you stretch in your carpet, you will need to install your tackless strip and padding. Assuming you have your tackless strip already installed the procedures below will guide you through the padding installation process. Carpet padding is fairly easy to install.

Tools you will need:
Knee pads
Carpet knife or Stanley type razor knife
Hammer staple gun
Trash bag for scraps
Measuring Tape

How To Lay Carpet Padding Underlay On Wood Floors

Most carpet pad comes in 6 ft. widths but some manufacturers carpet under-layment pad comes in 4ft.widths and there are also metric sizes.

Decide which direction to run the pad by measuring the length and the width. I generally run the pad in the direction that is easiest to roll out with the least amount of seams. Some installers run their pad the same direction the carpet will roll out.

Once your ready to start, just make sure the floor is swept clean and is dry.

Start you padding off with about a ¼” – ½” gap off the tackless strip on two walls and just roll it out to the opposing wall. Cut the pad off the roll leaving a little excess to trim off. Repeat this process butting the edges of the next run of pad together. Once you have the padding in place, start stapling the padding to the floor starting with the first piece you put in place. Remember to keep a 1/4 " - 1/2" gap off the tackless strip and In areas where trimming is necessary, keep that same distance off the tack strip as noted above. Butt pad edges together and staple both sides in a zipper pattern stapling close to both edges.

How To Install Carpet Padding On Concrete Floors.

Follow the directions above for installation of carpet padding on wood floors except use duct tape or masking tape instead of staples. Tape the edges together by applying tape down the center of any two pieces of pad. Secure the edges by applying strips of tape ½ on the pad and ½ on the tackless strip length wise. Press the tape into the tackless and pad by walking on it, this helps press the tape through the tackless nails.
Now your ready for the Carpet Installation Stretch In.

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