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Cost of Carpet Tile Installation

Carpet Tile Installation Costs

The cost of carpet tile installation will depend on several different factors. The list below is intended to help you make an informed hiring decision. Use the information below to evaluate the cost estimate you receive from your contractor.

Here’s a list of important cost factors:

1. Where do you live? Your geographic location can be pretty a significant cost factor. For example, carpet tile installation in New York City is more expensive than say, Phoenix, Arizona. Use the ProMatcher Carpet Cost Report to find the cost of carpet tile installation in your location.

2. Subfloor preparation. Are the subfloors level? Are any repairs needed before the carpet tiles can be installed? Major subfloor repairs will add to the cost of your project.

3. Residential vs. commercial projects. Residential installations generally cost less than commercial projects. Commercial-grade carpet tiles are more durable (and typically more expensive) than residential carpet tiles.

4. Type of carpet tile. There are many different styles of carpet tile. Make sure to pick a carpet fiber and carpet pile that work for the area. Certain carpet tiles will hold up better in high-traffic areas. Ask your contractor for his recommendation, based on your needs.

5. Padding. Carpet tile is not typically installed with padding. However, the carpet tile will have a backing built-in. Depending on the type of backer, this may add to the material cost of the project.

6. Tile size. Carpet tiles come in many different sizes, but some standard sizes are 12 x 12 inches, 18 x 18 inches, and 24 x 24 inches. It may require more labor to install the smaller tiles, adding to the overall cost of the installation. With larger tiles, there will be fewer visible seams throughout the carpeted area.

7. Labor rates. Carpet tile installers typically charge per square foot. As a general rules, larger rooms will be more expensive to carpet. However, the cost per square foot may decrease for bigger projects.

8. Material costs. In most cases, the contractor will order the material on your behalf. However, carpet tiles can be purchased at almost any local home improvement store if you would like to buy them yourself. Prices typically range from $1 to $3 per square foot for a standard, mid-grade carpet tile. When ordering your materials, make sure to order about 10% extra to account for waste.

9. Extra tiles for future repairs. When a single carpet tile becomes worn or stained, it can easily be replaced (unlike traditional carpet repairs). When installing carpet tiles, make sure to let your installer know that you would like to keep some extra tiles on hand. Depending on how many additional tiles you need, this may add to the material cost of the project.

10. Odd-shaped rooms. Rectangular rooms with only four corners are the easiest projects. Installing carpet tiles in odd-shaped rooms may be slightly more expensive.

11. Are all materials and supplies included? Adhesives, carpet tape, basic trim, and thresholds should all be included in the cost of installation. However, custom moldings or decorative trim will come at an additional cost.

12. Is there a warranty? Are the carpet tiles covered under a manufacturer’s warranty? Make sure to get all of the necessary paperwork from your contractor. Also, ask the installer if there is any sort of warranty on the workmanship or installation.

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Need some help with carpet installation? We can match you to a carpet installer in your local area.

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