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Over time, carpet will begin to show its age. Luckily, many carpet repair contractors and carpet cleaning services can help you take care of most of these issues. Here is a list of some common carpet issues and how they can be repaired.

1. Stains. No matter how careful you are, stains are bound to appear (especially if you have kids or pets). These stains can be very frustrating, especially when they are difficult to get out. If you’re unable to remove them yourself with the help of store-bought chemicals, you may need to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. They can steam clean the carpets throughout your entire home, or the service may just focus on one pesky stain. If the carpet cleaners are unable to remove the stain, you may have to patch that area with a piece of leftover carpet.

2. Burn damage. Accidents happen. Unfortunately, accidentally placing a hot iron on a carpeted surface can leave a permanent burn mark. Hopefully your installer left you with some carpet remnants for these unexpected repairs. The repair contractor can use these leftover pieces to patch the burned area. Although the color of the new carpet may not match the current color of your carpet, the patch will blend in over time.

3. Ripples, wrinkles, and buckles. There are several reasons why your carpeting may begins to buckle, including 1) old age or excessive wear, 2) dragging heavy furniture across the floor, 3) poor workmanship, 4) installing the wrong padding, or 5) failing to properly deal with water damage. In most cases, the carpet can be repaired by stretching and refastening the affected area. It is rare that you’ll need to fully replace carpeting that only has minor buckles. Before enlisting the services of a carpet repair contractor, check the warranty of the original installation to see if any repairs are covered.

4. Carpet odors. Carpet odors can be caused by a number of different issues. Pets, cigarette smoke, and untreated stains are common sources of these odor. Additionally, if the carpet ever becomes wet and it is not properly dried out, this can lead to the growth of mold and mildew (as well as the presence of unwanted odors). Fortunately, a professional carpet cleaning service will be able to apply a deodorizer to your carpeting in order to help neutralize the odors.

5. Water damage. Whenever your carpet becomes wet, time is of the essence! If the carpet stays wet for too long, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to salvage it. water recovery and restoration service can help you get the area dry again. They will remove the wet carpet padding and replace it with a new pad. Also, they will probably set up fans to speed up the drying process. In most cases, you should be able to keep the same carpet. However, if the carpet becomes soaked with sewage, the chances are high that you’ll have to replace all of it.

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